help informationThe biological classification of the species represented in the fossil.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca (Linnaeus 1758)
Class: Gastropoda (Cuvier 1797) / Pseudolatyphus
Subclass: Orthogastropoda (Ponder and Lindberg 1997)
Superorder: Vetigastropoda (Salvini-Plawen 1980)
Superfamily: Pleurotomarioidea (Swainson 1840)
Family: Pleurotomariidae (Swainson 1840)
Genus: Bathrotomaria (Cox 1956)
Species: Bathrotomaria reticulata (Sowerby 1821)


help informationA description of the object collected, in particular what parts are represented.
12 specimens

Collection date

help informationThe date an object was collected in the field.
Winter 1978

Collection place

help informationThe place where an object was excavated or collected in the field.
United Kingdom > England > Dorset
image K0576
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