help informationThe biological classification of the species represented in the fossil.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata (Haeckel 1847) / Fish
Subphylum: Vertebrata (Lamarck 1801)
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata (Gegenbaur 1874)
Class: Chondrichthyes (Huxley 1880)
Subclass: Elasmobranchii (Bonaparte 1838) / Shark
Infraclass: Euselachii (Hay 1902 - Long 2011)
Superorder: Batoidea (Compagno 1973)
Order: Rajiformes (Berg 1940)
Family: Rhinobatidae (Müller and Henle 1837) / Ray


help informationA description of the object collected, in particular what parts are represented.
Cranial and trunk elements, shagreen, dorsal fin, pectoral fins

Collection date

help informationThe date an object was collected in the field.

Collection place

help informationThe place where an object was excavated or collected in the field.
United Kingdom > England > Dorset


help informationMeasurements of the size of the object.
width: 880mm
depth: 40mm
height: 500mm
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